PAD Programs

AED’s by design are simple to use. Designing a customized program that is compliant and Emergency Ready AED Program is not as simple; in fact there are nuances to almost every program. Each state and municipality maintains its own requirements for the compliant implementation and management of a Public Access Defibrillation Program. PAD-MAN™ designs customized compliant Emergency Ready PAD Programs to meet or exceed your local and state requirements, assuring compliance with your states’ Good Samaritan Laws, which protects your organization’s assets and provide indemnification from liability as long as your PAD program is compliantly maintained.

We utilize industry-leading products, nationally recognized CPR and AED Training, national Medical Direction supplemented with local experts, and proven AED Program Design and Implementation.PAD-MAN™ will design and implement compliant Emergency Ready AED Program to fit your venue and budget appropriately.