QUESTION:What AED should I buy? Great questions!
ANSWER: AN AED is better than NO AED at all! So to us here at PAD-MAN it does not matter what kind of AED it is. Better to have than have not is our approach! PAD-MAN is a a registered sub distributor of Philips Heartstart AED’s.

Our reasons may not be your reasons for choosing Philips so don’t let that discourage you. Our choice was based on many factors beyond the price, we factored performance of the line, professional and lay person user experience, personal experience with all their AED’s as well as the MRx Cardiac Monitor in the field, and compatibility with Life Oxygen System, which PAD-MAN also distributes. These factors and the intangible value and assets supported by Philips combine to make a team that is hard to beat.

Remember, “AN AED is better than NO AED.” We choose to distribute Philips as a matter of choice. What you choose is up to you> PAD-MAN is here to to keep you, your Responders and AED’s Emergency Ready.